Rules for the High Legh Robert Moffat Memorial 10K race in 2018 (The Race)

These Race Rules 2018 are available to download as a PDF

  • The Promoter of the High Legh Robert Moffat Memorial 10K race in 2018 is High Legh Community Association (registered charity no 511391).
  • The Race Organisers are High Legh Community Association in partnership with Lymm Runners.
  • The Race Director is Andrew Holland, member of Lymm Runners.

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  • Before race day, the Organisers can be contacted about any race-related matter at the following email address:

1. All entries to the Race are made through the website at By submitting an entry to the Race, all competitors confirm that they are aware of and agree to abide by these Race Rules.

2. Rules 1 to 24 and 201 to 214 of UK Athletics Competition Rules shall apply to the Race. (A copy of these rules is available electronically on request from the Organisers or from UK Athletics.)

3 A competitor shall be at least 15 years old on the date of the Race.

4. All competitors shall abide by the directions given by the Race Officials, and Race Marshals. A competitor who does not obey the Rules may be disqualified and at the discretion of the Race Organisers may be barred from future races they promote.

5. All competitors shall provide correct and legible information on the online or paper entry form and each undertakes to update that information to the Race Organisers promptly until the day of the race should their previously supplied information cease to be correct. The Race Organisers disclaim any liability for any action or inaction they make whilst acting on the basis of incorrect or illegible information supplied by a competitor.

6. All competitors are responsible for fully filling in the medical details on the reverse of their Race Number. All information provided by competitors of a personal and/or medical nature is held in confidence by the Race Organisers solely for the purposes of organising the Race. However, if a competitor should suffer an injury or a medical condition during the Race or whilst at Race Headquarters, consent is deemed to have been given by that competitor for relevant personal and medical information to be provided to medical persons attending the race, the Race Director and/or his nominee and to the next of kin given on the reverse of the Race Number and/or to any person accompanying the competitor to the Race.

7. Competitors may transfer their place only via Nifty Entries – a link to enable this will be sent by email with entry confirmation. The deadline for transfers is 23:59 on 25 Feb 2018. Transfers of places without notification are not allowed under any circumstances.

8. A competitor may withdraw his entry until 23:59 on 18 February 2018. The entrance fee will be refunded less an administration fee. After that date refund of an entrance fee will only be made in exceptional circumstances, and is entirely at the discretion of the Race Organisers.

9. No entries can be made on race day (4th March 2018).

10. All competitors shall attach their Race Number at each corner firmly at chest height to the front of their vest or other garment worn such that it is clearly visible at all times during the race.

11. During any Race briefing, after being summoned to the start and during the Race itself, competitors are not permitted to employ mobile phones, or wear headsets, ear pieces (excluding hearing aids) or any other apparatus or headgear that may impede their own ability to hear directions from the Race Officials or Marshals or to hear other competitors, traffic or other road users.

12. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in the following categories:

a)  First, second and third male and female runners
b)  First veteran male and female runners aged 40+: F40 & M40
c)  First veteran male and female runners aged 50+: F50 & M50
d)  First veteran male and female runners aged 60+: F60 & M60
e)  First male and female High Legh resident runners
f)  First male and female team (see notes following)

Note that only one individual prize in categories a-e can be awarded to any competitor. Prizes are awarded in each category in the order listed, and a prize winner in an earlier category is not then eligible for later categories, the prize in that category is awarded to the next runner in that category to finish.

The club team awards will be awarded to the UK Athletics affiliated club with highest aggregate placed three males (for the male award) and three females (for the female award). In the event of tied aggregate placings, lots will be drawn to decide the winning club team.

13. Entries are entered onto the entry list in order of their receipt and are provisional until payment has been made. On-line entry will be closed when 650 entries have been allocated.

14. The Race Organisers reserve the right to alter the time or the date of the Race, if in the opinion and at the discretion of the Race Officials in consultation with the Race Promoter, it would not be safe to hold the Race at the scheduled time and date, for example due to but not limited to unsafe conditions underfoot.

The Race Organisers will endeavour to warn competitors promptly by notice on one or more websites
(including and/or www. ) and/or by email if the Race is not being held at the scheduled date and time and will seek to arrange an alternative date, but if no alternative date can be arranged, further reserve the right to cancel the Race without refund of the entry fee.

15. The Race Organisers reserve the right to alter the course on the day of the Race should, in the opinion and at the discretion of the Race Officials, it would not be safe to follow the specified route, even if by so doing, the length of the race is no longer 10 kilometres.

16. The Race Organisers reserve the right to impose a cut-off time of 90 minutes for completion of the race and to decline entries from any competitor who indicates that he or she would take longer than 90 minutes to complete the course.

UKA Race Licence: No 2018-31850 (licence available from Run Britain). Measurement Certificate North: 16/226.